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Why Would the Church Throw Out THESE Cookies? LOL

Now I’m a very spiritual person and I take God seriously (even though he tends to have a few jokes of His own he likes to kick out now and then). But this picture that I recieved in a forwarded email from a friend…there’s no way I could pass this up.

Everyone loves cookies, anytime and anyplace. But picture this: You’re a member of the church congregation and you know you’ve got outgoing, adventurous members so you say, “We’re going to have a bake sale!! Everyone buy or bake all the cookies and sweets you can find!” One week later, you’re looking over the bake sale stands and you come across a table that has this:

The best church bake sale cookies EVER!

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be shocked shitless but you’d die laughing before you told them to throw them out. But don’t do it!! *Shrug* Sex sells; what ya gonna do? HAHA!!



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I am an emerging novelist and entertainment/fashion journalist. I'll keep you informed, updated and glued to the evolving literature, fashion, media & entertainment, gossip and outright insane happenings on the east coast. With me, it's all about the new, wild, crazy and unforgetable moments in life - whether it be good or bad. But we all know bad can sometimes be oh-so-good... What you dream, I believe; what I believe, I achieve. Come see the world through my ebony eyes...


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