“My World, My Black, My Ebony” is an opinion, news, media & entertainment, and inspiration site by me, Octavia, an Ebony-American woman who sees the world uniquely through a very different set of eyes.

Be Unafraid. Be Defiant. Be Free.

I refer to myself as an Ebony-American, not to sound eccentric or holier-than-thou, but because, through many experiences in my life, I have come to neither fully identify with the Afircan-American or “pure” African race, nor deny my Motherland roots. I see the world as it is – unnecessarily separated by the division of Black vs. white, Black vs. Hispanic and Black vs. “The World”. I believe our true opponet is Black vs. Black, and once we come to terms with and accept ourselves as the beautiful, flawless, intelligent and WORTHY people we are, everything else will fall into place.

I invite you to see the world through my eyes as I share the happenings, inspirations and phenomenas occuring in our society today and discover how you see our world, our black and your own sense of “Ebony”.



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