Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nike Goes from Sporty to Flashy

Nike Air Jordan High Heel in black and blue with white bottom


Over the past several months, there’s been a specific new style of shoes going around that I just had to check out. I am a heels fanatic!! (Also, knowns a shoe stalker by popular term.) People do not call me Ms. Heels for nothing. I’m always saying on top of the latest trends in shoes and shoe accessories. But this? This caught my eye especially because it’s so bizarre that you HAVE to look at it (a little like the beloved Lady Gaga). The Nike and Jordan sneaker franchises has combined the sneaker with the classic stileto heel, creating…well, no one really knows what to call it yet. But it’s a new style that quickly burning into the fashion industry  as well as consumers’ pockets.

Nike High Heel in black, orange and yellow with Japanese print and white bottom

To me, the award for flashiest collaboration shoe must go to Nike. As they already have had loud, colorful shoes that just barely was able to stay away from being labled “hood-ish”, this mix of sporty class is one that just may go the distance. However, in my opinion, the company may want to be wary of combining too many assorted colors and patterns with this type of shoe. Women already are closely scrutinzed by their choice of signiture shoes, and as Nike ventures into the world of stilletos, they must be cautious of coming off tacky or gaudy. Too much of anything is never a good thing.

Overall, in style, uniqueness and oh-so-suave, I would rate the new Nike

New Nike High Heels in black with pink bottoms and light grey outlines, lace-up style

High Heel franchise with an 8. I would advise women who are looking to invest in these new shoes to be cautious of color-coding them with particular outfits (blue heels with green clothes do not mesh, ladies),  and to watch their expenses.

The Nike high heels can be priced up to $450 a pair. But don’t despair! On sponsored discount websites such as NikeHighHeels-Boots.com or WomensJordanHeels.net heel-fanatics can find major sales on these new shoes and avoid a crash in the bank account.

One thing’s for sure, these Nike High Heels are quickly taking up the online store shelves. If you want a piece of the fashion action you’d better jump on the wagon now before they’re gone!



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